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Prevention and Early Intervention

Palomar Family Counseling Service, Inc.



◆Increases potential for student success

Promotes parent participation in school activities

Addresses potential barriers to success

Provides training and support for parents


Screening Interventions for Problem Behavior

PEI provides screening, early identification and intervention with at-risk children.  The evidence based prevention and intervention efforts are designed to be delivered on a continuum which increases in intensity as the risk level increased. 

Once the level has been determined the social-emotional intervention, the Incredible Years, the universal social-emotional evidence based prevention model is used to assist with the identified children grades pre-school through third grade.

The Incredible Years for Parents, Children and Teachers

The incredible yearstraining series addresses parenting, family, child, and school risk factors for children with conduct problems. 

It was designed for children, their parents and teachers.  Evidenced based materials are presented in classrooms.  Small groups are used for more intensive intervention.  Parents are involved either individually or through parenting groups. 

Programs are designed to train parents and teachers to promote children’s emotional, social, and academic competence and to prevent and reduce aggression and emotional problems in children.

  • Level One - Early Risk,
  • Level Two – At Risk
  • Level Three – High Risk