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Resources for Teachers

Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards

Common Core California

Common Core San Diego County

Common Core Oceanside Unified School District

Achieve the Core

International Center for Leadership in Education

Teaching Channel – Common Core Lesson Video

Common Core Curriculum Maps

Engage NY by New York State Department of Education

Ohio Department of Education

University of Arizona

National Council of Teacher of English

Tools for the Common Core Standards

Mathematical Practice Rubrics

Illustrative Mathematics: Fractions Progressions, Mathematical Practices

NCTM Illuminations:  Interactive Activities, Lessons, etc

Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP)

Inside Mathematics: Tools, Mathematical Practices

One Hundred Plus Tools on Stem for Teachers

MSP Project

Student Achievement Partners

Lexile Analyzer

Susan Gendron's Common Core/Smarter Balanced 1-25-13 Presentation



Smarter Balanced

Preliminary Blueprints, Content/Item and Task Specifications

ELA Sample Items

MATH Sample Items

Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers-PARCC



Edmodo is like a facebook for teachers.  Once you have registered you can join the group:  Basal Alignment Project.  All you need to do is enter the following code to join the group etuyrm: Edmodo

A reading resource: Readworks

Short videos on teaching/strategies for different grades and subject areas: Teaching Channel

NYC has already implemented common core so this site may have some good info: Engage New York

Lesson videos illustrating the Common Core key shifts, videos of teachers discussing their lessons, editable lesson plans, links to great websites: Common Core Key Shifts

Printable books at different levels: Reading A-Z

Tennessee has already implemented common core so this site may have some good info: Read Tennessee

Great reading & writing resources:  Reading Rockets

BEST Teacher Library & Palomar Menu of Services

BEST Library that highlights over 100 books, DVD's, and other supplemental materials for children of all elementary ages. These materials can be checked out by any staff member at the school to use for review at staff and or grade level meetings, in the classroom, at monthly assemblies, and on the playground. Materials are separated by various school rule categories and subject matters including anti-bullying, preparing students to deal with anger, making friends, classroom management, and behavior support. These materials can also assist teachers with their lesson plans and teaching moments to encourage positive behavior and expected school rule behaviors.

Each item can be checked out for a two week period and instructions for check-out procedures are in the attachment. It would be great that the attachment and information could be provided or emailed to teachers so they can request and utilize the items as well.


BEST Teacher Library



Planning Tools