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Early Pick Up

Please bring a photo ID with you if picking your student up early from school.


If your student arrives late due to a medical/dental appointment, you will need to accompany him/her to the office, or send him/her with a note indicating the reason for the tardy. Students arriving late for other reasons must also check in to the office before going to class. 

Unexcused Absences

If you do not inform the school within 5 days of the absence it will be recorded as an unexcused absence.    

Independent Study Contracts 

If a situation arises which requires your child to be absent for 5 days or more, an independent study contract may be requested. This means the student completes the schoolwork at home (or out of town), for the time missed. If your child is very ill and cannot possibly complete the work, Independent Study would not be possible. However, if your child is able to do schoolwork we ask that you notify the office to request an Independent Study Contract at least 1 week prior to the absence.

When a student misses two days a month-that adds up to:

  • 20 days in one school year
  • 90 hours of math, reading and writing over the school year
  • 1 whole year of school by graduation

To report your student's absences, please contact us at (760) 966-8701 or email at

To get support with your student's chronic absences, contact Chantel Rothenburger, Community School Coordinator (760)-966-8749